| Avascent’s Nicolò Donà dalle Rose On Italy’s Defence Outlook for Global Risk Insights
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15 Jul Avascent’s Nicolò Donà dalle Rose On Italy’s Defence Outlook for Global Risk Insights


In a piece recently published on Global Risk Insights, Avascent Analyst Nicolò Donà dalle Rose reviewed Italy’s defence procurement spending this year as outlined in new budget documents. The documents showed that defence procurement spending will drop by 3 percent to €4.72 billion in the ongoing fiscal year, as orders of the F-35 have been dropped from 131 to 90 aircraft and allocations for land vehicle programmes have dropped to just €21 million.

The piece notes that there are few political scenarios that would see Italy significantly strengthen defence spending in the near-term, and Italy’s economic stagnation, debate surrounding immigration, and domestic political uncertainties will continue to lead the government to de-prioritize any hikes in defence spending at the benefit of domestic socio-economic relief. The piece concludes however that overall, players who will successfully shape the way in which Italy tackles emerging challenges, such as migration and terrorism, will be able to establish a stronger footprint in the Italian market, despite a challenging budgetary environment.

Read “Italy’s defence outlook for 2016” here.