| Brexit’s Toll: Defence Cuts Loom as UK Looks to Reduce Budget Shortfall
Avascent Analysis of the UK's option for military priorities as Brexit causes budget pressures
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13 Nov Brexit’s Toll: Defence Cuts Loom as UK Looks to Reduce Budget Shortfall


November 2017

By Ben Goodlad

Download:    Brexit’s Toll: Defence Cuts Loom as UK Looks to Reduce Budget Shortfall

With the UK’s 10-year military equipment plan under economic pressure, the Ministry of Defence is being forced to decide which capabilities to prioritize and which to potentially lose in order to balance the books due to Brexit’s economic impact. This White Paper by London-based Analysis Manager Ben Goodlad explores what kind of defence budget cuts might actually take effect should the cost-savings plans reportedly under consideration be put into place, as well as the possible rationale behind those cuts. These options include the removal of the Royal Navy’s Landing Platform Docks (LPDs), HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion, a reduction in the number of Type-23 frigates and further cuts to the Army’s helicopter fleets and armoured vehicle programmes. Ben also discussed these options in recent podcast with Avascent’s writer-in-residence August Cole, available here or to download from iTunes and Android podcast libraries.


Ben Goodlad is an Analysis Manager with Avascent Analytics, based in Avascent’s London office. Ben was previously a Principal Weapons Analyst at Jane’s, joining in 2007. Whilst at Jane’s, Ben specialized in weapons and ground vehicle markets, providing analysis and 10-year market forecasts. During this time Ben has been quoted by international media regarding UK defence issues including analysis of the 2010 and 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Reviews.

Prior to joining Jane’s Ben served with the British Territorial Army and graduated from King’s College London with a BA in War Studies. For more information, contact:


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