| Czech Republic: Beginning the Defence Modernisation Curve
Avascent Analysis of the Czech Republic’s military modernization efforts threatened by the fragility of a governing coalition in a country struggling to meet NATO spending benchmarks.
Czech defence modernisation
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24 May Czech Republic: Beginning the Defence Modernisation Curve


May 2019

By Dr. Dominik Kimla

Download:    Czech Republic: Beginning the Defence Modernisation Curve

Czech Republic: Beginning the Defence Modernisation Curve

Ahead of the International Defence and Security Technologies Fair taking place in Brno, Czech Republic, Avascent Consulting Associate Dr. Dominik Kimla analyzes the Czech Republic’s military modernization efforts as the Czech Ministry of Defence is on the verge of making procurement decisions that will determine the effectiveness and lethality of the Armed Forces for decades to come. Meanwhile, the current financial allocation for defense should support a more rapid modernisation process, but the fragility of a fractious governing coalition threatens to derail this ambitious agenda. Czech defence officials therefore have a relatively narrow window to make the key procurement decisions while parliamentary support and funding is available. Sustaining the defence modernisation program in the absence of domestic political unity will require an uncommon degree of will and dexterity by the Czech national leadership. The remainder of 2019 will be a test of their seriousness and commitment to make military more capable and compatible as a NATO-member force.


Dr. Dominik Kimla is a Warsaw-based consulting associate at Avascent, supporting the firm’s operations in Poland and broader Europe. He specialises in Central and Eastern European defence markets, military offsets, and customer and competitor analyses. For more information, contact:


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