| Industry Implications of the European Defence Fund
Avascent Analysis of opportunities, pressures, and competitive dynamics resulting from the recently announced €1.5 billion-per-year European Defence Fund.
European defence fund, EDF, next-gen technologies, France, Germany
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29 Nov Hard Power’s New Economics: Industry Implications of the European Defence Fund


November 2017

By Dan Fitter · Julien Demotes-Mainard

Download:    Hard Power’s New Economics: Industry Implications of the European Defence Fund

In a political sea change, Europe is bringing defence into the heart of its activities with the launch of a €1.5 billion-per-year European Defence Fund (EDF) to invest in next-generation technologies. If fully implemented, the reforms will impact nearly every facet of the European defence industry, from consolidation and partnership pressures, to increased R&D funding, technology risk appetite and new political dynamics. In this Avascent White Paper, Dan Fitter of Avascent’s London office and Avascent Paris’ Julien Demotes-Mainard analyze these opportunities, pressures and competitive dynamics.


Dan Fitter is a Senior Analyst at Avascent Europe’s London office where he supports a range of engagements, providing competitive intelligence and market strategy support for British and European clients. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from London School of Economics and Political Science and is a graduate of the University of Bristol where he studied German and Russian. For more information, contact:

Julien Demotes-Mainard is an Associate at Avascent Europe’s Paris office where he manages projects in the international defence & security market. His subject matter areas cover military platforms and systems, with a focus on Western equipment and doctrines. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Montpellier, and earned an MS in International Relations from Sciences Po Bordeaux. During his academic experience, his research focused on weapons acquisition, technology and defence policy. For more information, contact:


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